About GDM, Inc.

http://www.gpdminc.com          Geophysical Data Management (GDM) is a professional services firm that specializes in the collection, management, and distribution of spatial data.  In today’s business environment, the sharing of information between professionals of differing disciplines is required throughout the life span of a project.  GDM was created to meet this requirement.  Since 2000, GDM has applied itself in bringing our methods and services to various market segments.  We have successfully participated in projects in natural gas/petro-chemical pipelines, plant/process facilities, land development, telecommunications installations, property development, power generation facilities and more.  The application of our services to multiple market segments has created a company atmosphere of resourcefulness with a focus on problem solving while providing our personnel with the opportunity to work with the best and brightest in various disciplines.  These factors have created a tradition of teamwork and creative thinking that translates into added value for our clients.  Our track record of innovation, our ability to adapt to client needs and our commitment to quality has made us valuable team members time and again.


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